Day 023 – Catching a wave

Well lookee here friends – yesterday I was wee Theo Mouse marveling at my first ever magical snowfall, and today I’m out riding the waves under the warm sunshine! Can you believe the adventures this little mouse has in store? I may be small, but big waves or first-time snowfalls make me feel alive with excitement!

Say, I’m thinking all my whimsical adventures would make for quite the delightful children’s book series! I’d love to publish the tales of Theo in hopes it spreads joy and inspires young readers to approach life with curiosity and bravery, whether their exploits be big or small!

So do let me know if you have any bright ideas or publisher connections to bring Theo’s stories to life! In the meantime, wishing you all fine folks an adventurous upcoming weekend! Go find some waves to ride or snowflakes to dance in. And do let all your worries scurry away for a couple days if you can. Happy weekend.


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