AI Revolution: The New Artistic Frontiers to Explore

In an era where AI training robots are accessing and utilizing the work of artists globally, we are faced with a critical choice. Should we passively seek compensation, as some suggest, or actively integrate AI into our creative process to shape the art of tomorrow?

I have chosen to embrace AI, not as a threat, but as a tool and partner in innovation. By incorporating AI into my work, I aim to explore new artistic frontiers and redefine what it means to create. This approach doesn’t just adapt to change—it leads it.

Introducing Theo: My Latest Creation!

Meet Théo, the adorable mouse born from the magic of artificial intelligence! As the creator, I’m excited to introduce you to this charming adventure-seeking character.

Are you a publisher with a passion for heartwarming stories and innovative narratives? Take part in Théo’s journey and help him find his place in the literary world.

In the digital era’s sea of content, making a meaningful connection can feel like a daunting task.
That’s why I embarked on the “One Day One Drawing” project, blending art and artificial intelligence to create a daily AI-generated drawing.
Each piece not only showcases AI’s artistic capabilities but also sheds light on its biases, revealing the digital subconscious.
Join me on this journey where technology meets emotion, and every drawing tells a new story.
Follow, share, and propose collaborations to bring ‘One Day One Drawing’ to a wider audience, shaping a new artistic reality where art and AI intertwine. Don’t miss out—discover all of the drawings now!

  • Day 125 – The End of an Era

    It’s the end of an era. Wonder Daisy and Super Daisy are now tired heroes; their once-devoted fan group has given up on them. As for Selfie Girl, she’s no longer a threat; her followers are in free fall.

    Deemed too intellectual, people have turned to the adventures of StopTik and Gotok. But one villain still thrives—Camemberdos. For him, everything is going splendidly. He has successfully exported his cheeses and wines all over the world and now savors his victory with a glass of fine wine and a piece of cheese. Sacré bleu, the French have won!

    Stay tuned for more parodies and adventures. Connect with me on LinkedIn to follow these humorous tales!

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