The lesson India ink drawing by Olivier Cornil to illustrate news of Olivier Cornil

Without mood but with a lot of humor and love, find through this section all my virtual, real and existential news …

  • Pinterest to say thank you
    Pinterest to say thank you or the opportunity to discover on Pinterest a board especially dedicated to all the people who have supported my work and my Freedom of expression with their purchases. In addition to thanks, it is also a great opportunity to share a small world populated by  women moon and birds in… Read more: Pinterest to say thank you
  • New Olivier Cornil Website
    New site to support my new digital and artistic projects. New ambitions also, by ease, the German language is often forgotten on websites. But my stay in Berlin made such an impression on me that I wanted to extend the experience and place my work in a European environment. So I brought out the books,… Read more: New Olivier Cornil Website
  • Souvenirs
    City of Bordeaux Very nice stories and glory days, big thanks for the kindness and support of the Bordeaux’s culture department. Bordeaux’s galleries Burdigal’art, galerie 33, galerie du Loup, three galleries who have given me trust and kindness. Thank you so much. My Brussels adventure: L’espace Art Galerie One of my best memories when I… Read more: Souvenirs

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