Day 071 – A Gourmet’s Simple Pleasure

As we look forward to a weekend of rest and relaxation, let’s take a leaf out of Théo’s book. In a cozy corner of his picturesque kitchen, our little citizen of the world (but a little French 😉) is enjoying a piece of cheese, a simple pleasure that transcends the most elaborate feasts. 🧀🐭

But wait, before you call upon the familiar cliché, notice the subtle twist – our connoisseur opts for a glass of zesty orange juice instead of the expected wine. It’s a fresh take that breaks norms, marrying the rich taste of tradition with a wholesome, vibrant zest for life. 🍊

As a multimedia artist, I also like to think outside the box, so feel free to comment, share, and don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re interested in my work.